Dream Kitchen Remodel in Westerville, Ohio

As a home remodeling company, Renaissance Inc. works with Columbus, Ohio, homes of all styles and ages, making small kitchens larger, adding master baths to bedrooms, and building home theaters in basements. And these are only a few examples of what we can do. Here’s a great story about how we created a dream kitchen in an outdated 1980’s home in Westerville.

Home remodeling for empty-nesters

In this project, a couple of empty-nesters have been living in their house for 20 years and decided it was finally time to make it more efficient. They wanted to create more space for entertaining in their kitchen, and wanted the project to be completed in late summer or early fall. They chose Renaissance Inc. based on a referral they received from one of our previous clients.

When renovating your home is better than moving

Even though their house was outdated, moving was not an option. They have a large property, and even a mini horse farm. But with a big family and active circle of friends, they needed more space for entertaining.

Dream Kitchen Remodel in Westerville Ohio

Create a larger kitchen by removing interior walls

Since the home had the traditional 1980’s layout for the living room, dining room and kitchen, we first had to knock out the wall in between the kitchen and the dining room to open up the area. The result? Now it’s a large open kitchen with a big island in the middle and lots of available storage throughout.

Dream Kitchen Remodel in Westerville Ohio

New kitchen appliances make cooking a breeze

Our clients wanted a cook top with double ovens so they can prepare large meals easier when all the kids come to visit. Rustic pendant lights about the bar combined with low profile recessed lighting brighten this new kitchen and makes everything shine.

Dream Kitchen Remodel in Westerville Ohio

Kitchen renovation from retro 1980’s to Italian chic

Our clients loved the Tuscany style, so we installed charming fixtures with an authentic look and feel including the farm sink, counters and cabinets. It’s like an Italian villa.

Dream Kitchen Remodel in Westerville Ohio

Dream Kitchen Remodel in Westerville Ohio

Turning a living room into a spacious dining area

Previously, this was the living room. After removing the wall to expand the kitchen, we created a new, much larger, dining area, perfect for hosting dinner parties with friends and family.

Dream Kitchen Remodel in Westerville Ohio

From the clients:

When was the last time a construction project went anywhere near the proposed finish time? That’s right – never, or so we though until we met Todd Smith with Renaissance Inc. The House Whisperer. We did a kitchen expansion and changed the living room into a dining room. Todd forecasted the job would be complete in 6 weeks. It was finished in 6 weeks to the day! His pricing was very fair for the scope of the project we had in mind. The kitchen and dining room look amazing. Todd was also able to match new hardwood floors to the existing floors. We moved a window, blew out a wall, changed a doorway, and redid the laundry room. It looks like something out of a magazine. You can pay more and the job will take longer, or you can call Todd to make your dreams come true. – Carla Conkey

These empty-nesters now have plenty of space for entertaining all their friends and family for years to come. If you have an outdated or retro home that was built in the 70s, 80s or 90s, you’d be amazed at what a renovation can do to change its look and functionality. Contact Renaissance Inc. today for a free estimate (614) 206-2887.